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May 2022 Bulletin - News and Updates
It's Conference Time! 
Hope to See YOU in July!
The Green House Project and Pioneer Network are excited to unveil more details about the upcoming conference that features many sessions with Green House team members.

The 2022 Pioneer Network conference - July 27-30 in Denver.
There's no Green House Project conference in 2022, so come join us and our friends at Pioneer Network.

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There is a deep discount for LinkedUp Members.

As a valued Green House partner, you receive $200 off registration - PLUS the Early Bird Rate - which has been extended to June 15th!

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PNGreenHouse2022 at checkout.
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Green House Team Members Presenting at the Conference
Green House Team Member Sessions...
Being a Learning Organization
Marla DeVries

The pillars of learning organizations are supportive leaders with a clear vision and goals for organizational learning. This session will explore these pillars within long-term care settings and offer practical ways in which each organization can become Learning Organizations.

Pre-con session: Growing As A Person-Directed Leader - Marla DeVries & Carol DuMond-Stryker
A strong, unified relationship between nurse leaders and administration is vital to creating a vibrant work culture and person-directed community for elders. This session explores ways to learn from past practices, identify key strategies to support retention and engagement, and develop a roadmap for a robust community of tomorrow.
Pre-con session: Choose Your Green House Journey
Susan Ryan & Debbie Wiegand

There’s a green house solution for every organization. During this session, the experienced green house team will lead participants through the development process from start to finish – complete with different tracks for whether your organization wants to build new or alter existing buildings and operational structures.
Communicating for Policy Innovation
Alex Spanko
& Ann McLaughlin

This session is designed to enable participants to confidently communicate with policymakers and advocate for their organization’s needs. Participants will receive a crash course on the policymaking process. Messaging tips will be shared along with specific advice on interacting with government agency staff, elected officials and their staff.

GHP Learning and Growth
izational Outcomes Assessment (OOA)
to launch June 7 - 28th

This is the time to benchmark your
organization with other Green House sites.
PLEASE NOTE: This assessment is completed by a select staff who have access to 2021 data related to: Financial outcomes/Satisfaction outcomes/Staff outcomes/Clinical data

The assessment has been shortened and only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Capturing data is another way of sharing the Green House story and making the case for this model.
Coaching for Supervision
May 2022
Congratulations to this group of coaching leaders – for three Wednesdays in May they attended Coaching for Supervision in a virtual format .  Being a coaching supervisor includes understanding the coaching skills AND having a coaching mindset!  We are most excited to see their coaching in action in their Green House homes!
Green House - Pioneer
Network Alliance

Curious about our recent alliance with Pioneer Network? Tune into this episode of “Elevate Eldercare” to hear Pioneer Network CEO Penny Cook discuss the organizations’ shared history and plans for the future – as well as the upcoming conference in Denver July 27-30!
Elevate ElderCare
Make Connections with Pioneer and IN2L
Tuesday, June 14th 2pm ET
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Now that The Green House Project and Pioneer Network have joined forces, there’s never been a better time to explore tech solutions from our friends at IN2L!

Join us on for an in-depth look at how IN2L’s tech supports resident engagement and person-centered care, while also fighting social isolation by providing a vital link between elders and their friends, family, and the wider community.

You’ll also learn how IN2L can help your organization secure federal funding to launch a host of engaging and sustainable resident programs.

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Guide/GH Educator/Nurse Networking Call - June 15th 1p
m ET
National Sage Network - July 19th 12 noon ET
Meaningful Life Connection Group - July 28th 1pm ET

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