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March 2022 Bulletin - News and Updates
Here's a Webinar You Won't Want to Miss - and it's FREE for LinkedUp Members!

Workforce turnover in long-term care settings was a growing crisis even before the pandemic, and COVID-19 only accelerated the troubling trend

Join The Green House Project and two of its partner organizations for a deep dive into the strategies that have helped them find and keep top talent.

Brio Living Services in Michigan will discuss the organization’s significant bonus retention program, the shared decision-making process that was used to develop it, and the results several months into the effort. In addition, leaders from Chelsea Jewish Lifecare in Massachusetts will share how it managed to avoid using any agency staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Walnut Ridge Opening Brings Elders Joy
The Green House Cottages of Walnut Ridge  

The multi-phase opening began earlier this month as 12 elders were transferred smoothly and successfully to the new Green House community. A second cottage opened later in March, and a third cottage opening is planned for April.

Located in Walnut Ridge, AR, the community is undergoing an $11 million renovation. Ultimately, there will be four Green House cottages housing 12 elders each. Currently, 34 residents live in the organization’s traditional nursing home.

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Construction Underway at Poydras Home

The first Green House homes in Louisiana are expected to open in November 2022.  Poydras is building 3 trademarked Green House homes and three other homes that will be infused with the Green House core values.
It's all happening in the heart of New Orleans! 
GHP Learning and Growth
Coaching for Supervision  - Virtual Session
May 4, 11 &18
Coaching for Supervision offers foundational education for DON's, Guides and Coaching Leaders!  
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Special Thanks!
A special thanks to the Green House Educators who participated in focus groups last month.  Your insights help shape some exciting changes related to GH education.  More details will be released soon.
Coaching for Partnership
Clinical Support Team (CST) members at Poydras Home in New Orleans, LA this month learned more about their new roles and the skills needed for a coaching approach in Green House homes. It’s all part of the Coaching for Partnership two day education program. 
Congratulations to their first round of graduates!

Learn more about how this class can support your team

Did You Miss The "What's New" Webinar?
Modified Training, and Increased Connections are Priorities for 2022.
  • More direct to learner training
  • Development of a GH Project App
  • Improved connections for Sages, Guides, Nurses and GH Educators  
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St. John's Green House Homes Celebrate 10 Years!
The first residents moved into the St. John's Green House Homes in Penfield, NY on February 28, 2012. 10 years later, these unique nursing homes are still going strong. Staff past and present share some of the secrets of why this Green House Project model is so successful.
Click here to watch their video
Spring is the Time to Plant the Garden!

The Green House Cottages of Homewood in Mena, AR have the Future Farmers of America (FFA) team to thank for building their new raised garden beds. Staff and FFA members delivered them to the community.   

In Gulfport, MS they have been tending to their gardens for years!  This elder is taking care of the garden at her Green House home at Seashore Highlands.

Here's hoping it's a wonderful season of flowers and vegetables in the summer of 2022!
National Sage Network - May 17th 12 noon - 12:45 pm
Meaningful Life Connection Group - May 19th 1 - 1:45 pm ET

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Celebrating Women in Eldercare
The month of March is a time to celebrate women - and we did just that in our podcast, Elevate Eldercare.  Click below to see all of the women we highlighted in March.

Elevate ElderCare

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